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Between imagination and reality, there exists an imaginary life form.

Imagination, persistence and creation – that’s VAGABOND LURES.
It’s the greatest feeling but at the same time very tough.

Reality – we’ve strived for it and searched for its true meaning. People say that our plugs look just like fish but we always ask ourselves if they really resemble real fish? What people perceive as realistic is strictly a shape and completely different from resemblance. We examined every detail in a fish, tried to understand the shape and it’s structure then we designed it. We modified the shape of a motif and duplicated its image as close to reality as humanly possible. The product is no longer a facsimile of a fish but it transformed itself to an imaginary life form. There exists a newly created object born from a space between imagination and reality.

Adherence to
All Hand Made
Wooden Lure

Every creature has individual differences. They are both visible and also invisible to the human eye. Take a bass plug for instance, characteristic difference in a plastic plug are a result of an error in mass production. However, a visible characteristic difference in a hand-made plug adds more unique individualism.

In a process where the plastic is injected into a mold, it is under the absolute condition that it produces perfect duplicates by the same shape and color. However, in hand-made lures, while preserving the image of a fish, subtle differences are born as a result of one craftsman’s hands on process from design to completion. Just as there are characteristic differences among same species of fish, in a hand-made lure, the subtle difference becomes the characteristic and becomes unique to that lure.