June 2005 Action Rod 5th Anniversary campaign

Present Lure of Love announced

We’ve kept you waiting for the giveaway!
Special production for the campaign full handmade lure the name is also the unveiling of “Oikawa-kun”.

Oikawa-kun ■ Size: 105mm ■ Weight: 17g

It features a long skating and a nimble dog walk which is produced from a Stanhebby floating water posture. I finished it with a high all-round pencil to match the angler of all styles. The cast is determined precisely to the spot aimed at the weight setting of the rear center of gravity! It is a gem that was created by handmade one by one carefully with a motif of baitfish that is not in the vagabond up to now.

Along with the action Rod, I sincerely hope that this lure will present the best moment to you all.
The shipment of the product will be from the end of April. We apologize for the delay in production. You may be afraid, but please wait for a while to send it.In addition, I present a different color for those who buy multiple. (The color details are secret.)Please look forward to!)