Vagabond: Like a free-spirited man on a ship of an uncharted voyage From the beginning, we were never set in the conventional ways - there were no set rules. Even in an age where mass production has become the key to productivity and profitability, we stubbornly maintain our focus and dedication to old-fashion handcrafted artisanship and craftsmanship, and refuse to conform to the norm. We pride ourselves in pleasing the minority of fishermen who appreciate the functional beauty, over the majority who prefer the mass-produced, economical functionality. And it is our hope that our products will continue to be used with passion for many more years to come. Vagabond is the harmony of high performance and the art of craftsmanship. These are the very words, which describe our philosophy. As we begin the 21st century, Vagabond continues on a voyage for a new adventure.

8-15 Yokomichi Hirakawa Joyo-shi, Kyoto. 610-0101 Japan
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