2006-10-22 Ujigawa Trash Pickup Notice

★ ★ ANNOUNCES ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ IN Fall 2006 10/22! ★ 8th ' Ujigawa Trash Pickup ' held on October 22, 2006 Day 】 decided!Thank you for your participation.Let's pour a refreshing sweat together ♪ World Bus Society (W.B.S.) is a subject and after starting activities, "53 PickUp! In the eleventh year, it became more than 50 places nationwide.The operation of 53 pickups has been shifted from "W.B.S." to NPO "Waterfront Infrastructure Association".【 Click here for more information ⇒ NPO WaterfroRecruiting participantsnt Foundation Association 】 8th pic up Ujigawa Trash pickup & Little Fishing Tournament We will keep the Ujigawa which is our familiar fishing to be beautiful forever. Keep your fishing ground clean and your heart out and enjoy a good fishing experience!On the day of the garbage pickup, we also do fishing competitions, Roshambo competitions, and special auctions.

■ Date & time ■ October 22, 2006 [AM 9:00 AM Reception] ■ Meeting place ■ Ujigawa (most upstream) ■ belongings ■ Fishing equipment and gloves (remember!■ Participation fee ■ Person ¥ 500 ■ How to apply at the ■ Water House Vagabondvagabond Sanjo store.(We also accept requests by phone)

■ Schedule: 9:00 am to reception from 9:30 am to 11:00 am Fishing tournament am 11:00 ~ pm 12:30 Garbage Pickup PM 12:30 ~ Noon-Snack/Fishing Contest Awards/Roshambo Tournament Auction

Application for the day is also very welcome!But, please understand that goods (free distribution caps) may not be prepared.We are looking forward to your participation!★ Last time here → GO