2005-10-23 Ujigawa Garbage Pickup

Sunday, October 23, 2005 

This is the sixth time for this event to be a beautiful fishing spot, and it is done by a fisherman who volunteers to try to clean up our most familiar fishing spot "Ujigawa".

-Weather/Cloudy later sometimes rain Ujigawa will enter the autumn foliage season. Visitors will also be increasing. It doesn't feel good to see nature being polluted even in fishing or sightseeing. I want to pick the 53 well.

●-● Day schedule ● ● ●

9:00 to 9:30 Reception

9:30 ~ 11:00 The Fishing Tournament

11:30 ~ 12:30 Garbage Pickup

12:30-13:30 Snacks & Fishing Tournament Awards & Auctions & Roshambo Competitions

Ujigawa Trash Pickup & Little Fishing Tournament Opening

I'm going to start a fishing tournament.In the midst of the cold, rain worries too…

As expected, I was struck by the cold rain on the way, but the fishing tournament ended safely.

Come on! Picking up the main trash

When the weather is settled down, garbage is finally picked up. Garbage pickup is based on the island of the tower, and the garbage collection place is set up in Ujigawa upstream and downstream, and it starts dividing into split. All of you who participated in the skillfully were accustomed to work with crisply in the familiar way.

Auction & Roshambo Tournament

An annual recreation.
I am interested in a product this time.


A Little Fishing Tournament
★ Results announced ★

Every time I Bowes or one of them, I was able to take a picture of three of catch's tough fishing tournaments, but this time it was a fine prize!

Winner Kobayashi's size is 28.5 cm


2nd Place Yamashita-kun

Third place, Mr. Shinohara.

The size is a little small, but there is charm ☆ ☆ ★

It was really cheers to pick up garbage in bad weather.

This is the sixth time "Ujigawa garbage pickup" also participated in the cooperation of all the sponsors and all the members of the company can safely finish, thank you from the heart of the staff.


The day before the garbage pickup, the temperature falls and the rain falls considerably, and the weather forecast which is anxious is a direction to recover, and it is not changed that it is a delicate weather. In this way, the participants will also be turnout dull and less likely to participate… It was worried. However, in spite of the cold weather and the rain than expected, twenty Yuji of people gathered in this event.It is filled with gratitude. The festival was held in the midst of a cold rain. It's a catch fishing tournament, but this Ujigawa is just a catch season. Without Morotomo The Jinx, seven people get the bus. The essential garbage pickup is divided into upstream and downstream to pick up garbage. In the park of the Tower Island, which is always a tourist destination, there was a small amount of garbage because of the volunteer activities of local residents and the cleaning was also good. However, there are some places where tourists do not come in, such as the grassy area of the riverbed and the rocky upstream, and the garbage box is not installed in the place where the fisherman often stops. It was a situation where garbage was scattered because there were a lot of cases where the garbage after drink was left untouched. It was pointed out to the aunt of Takoyaki shop that bad manners of the fisherman. Although it is an activity in the past three years and twice a year, thank you for your cooperation, it was a very painful word because we continue to pick up the garbage steadily, next time I hope to continue to work hard in hopes that the less garbage. When you go fishing, I hope that you can take a portable ashtray or a garbage bag and take it with you, or spread the manners of picking up the garbage in your eyes. After picking up the trash, we were able to finish the Roshambo and auction, and this year's "Ujigawa Garbage pickup" was completed safely. I would like to express my gratitude to the people who participated in this event, the Uji City Hall, the Uji Community Center, the Uji Park office, and the manufacturers who supported the cooperation. Next spring. Many people will participate in the next fiscal year, together, "Enjoy fishing and protect the fishing spot," so thank you very much in the future because I will work hard to make this activity fruitful.


Thanks so much for your help.