"WOOD Amber Grip"

VAGABOND Honten Custom Specifications

The high durability and style of the Fulvernish method, which was born from the distinctive million FISH CANE rod, was adopted to Actionrod WOOD grip finish. Since the original amber resin which contains a lot of natural resin components is cured by binding to oxygen in the air, it is characterized by durability strong to aging deterioration because it does not reach the limit hardening even after more than 100 years.In addition, the Amber grip specification is to draw out the resonance with the grip vibration resonance system by wrapping the wood outside with an amber resin, you can experience a high-level vibration resonance without a clean and noise.

A simple and functional combination of amber grips on the bullet head that is employed in the competitor series.

GUN Grip Custom Examples

Three grip names from the top right: WGT/Red amber WG/natural amber WGT/flamed Amber Left 
Top four grip names: WG/falmed Amber WG/Red Amber WGII/Natural amber WG/Red Amber