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This catfish has a strong desire. When I first hit the wing system, I couldn't sleep with excitement. There were a lot of noisy plugs in the market. But what we pursued was realism and natural nature. I was particularly keen on the shape of the wing and the rig.I want to show it to the chest ville if it does not become a more real thing… and it becomes a more natural, sweet sound. The original wing system was completed while research and development continued with such a desire.This is it!Exactly this was a real and trad hybrid we were seeking. Half a century has passed when a company called the twentieth century mid-Haedong was sending out a lure called the crazy crawler driven by the wing of the left and right.It is a catfish crawler that learns the playful from the thing called Old Lure and arranged it further. PastLearn from old things and create new ones. It is posture to the lure of the vagabond, and it is a strong will. About three years Buri produce catfish Crawler Jr.1.5 cm shorter body than the original catfish crawler is set for the Noike bus, ease of casting, it is the size that pursues the goodness of hand return.I use the original tiny glass eye that emits a different glow for each color with a real foil finish. The color chart of this time is finished in a different feeling and has been subjected to coloring of different fish species to the body of catfish.Each color is a particular color that is unique to handmade. NAMAZU CRAWLER Jr. ACTION

■ Swimming action Catfish Crawler inject is only to retrieve while maintaining a constant speed, swing the neck to the left, the right, and play the sweet sound of the catfish crawler only. Especially in the Noike and river, the track record was very high, and 50up also jumped out in the test fishing line. There is no need to put a difficult action on the Catfish crawler inject at all. All you have to do is retrieve it, keeping the speed constant, and the run car bus like the photograph below will break the water and jump out. Mie Prefecture Nabari River Kyoto Prefecture Kizugawa NAMAZU CRAWLER Jr. COLOR

The blue Gill color uses FSP (fish skin paint). Each one of the scales on the back side, it emits a gloss kashii shine like a rawhide upholstery is painted on the only side.The CBMA color was designed based on the Florida migration theory of Kentaro Ogawa, a famous inventor of the heart rig. By vagabond the color of the blood (dark red), it is arranged in the flow, and the flushing effect of the aluminum sheet is used to bring a red reflection.Ma This special color is Holoyoi. It is finished in the image when a little alcohol came around. This Holoyoicala is going to continue to the next special color as a series. By the way, the next special color is Daysui. RT rainbow trout DRD Dorado CBMA Crimson Bladmessod BG Blue Gil HY Holoyoi NAMAZU CRAWLER Jr. Wing Tune

When the lure moves in a Retrive action, tune the wing angle in the following ways:Wing angle it has in the hand the back of the Catfish crawler as shown in the figure above, if the angle of the wing seems to have shifted from about 45 to 50 ゜, between the wing and the rig between the rod of the thickness of a precision screwdriver, Bend inward to adjust. Note: Bending may cause the wing to break too much.Recombinant Wing/1 SET ¥ 1, 300wing positionwing POSITION (FRONT) Moreover, when the wing is closed as shown in the left figure, the wing is shifted from the dotted line, or overlap the eye, and Hezure under the opposite When waiting, adjust the wing to fit slightly below the eye. 2002 Release Product page LURE page VAGABOND TOP page