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Because of its structure, the fly reels are functionally easier and simpler than spinning reels and beaitreels, so they are released by many manufacturers. As a method of selecting a good fly reel can accommodate the fly line according to the rod, such as the coordination price of the color and shape of the balance rod and the balance rod can accommodate the required amount of backing line (running line), I think that the choice of reels is summarized in these four. It's also very important which points you stick to the most. We would like you to find the best one for you from our extensive lineup.


40,740 yen (including tax)

Sold out

It is an all-handmade reel of the style that is not in the Ampex reel up to now. The side plate is arranged with a stone plate, and it is finished in a elegance. Three types of duralumin and titanium are used separately by parts, and THE BALANCE with the rod is considered, and ANPEX foot was attached.


36,750 yen (including tax)

Sold out

It is the 2500 series that SAGE was fully announced as a new product in 2006. Originally, it was announced in 2005, but the announcement was postponed because we wanted to send the perfect reel to the world. The result is a reel equipped with a powerful and very smooth drag that is maintenance-free. In addition, it is a confidence work of SAGE that it is finished very lightly (about 20% less than 3000 drag system reel) and can be used in various fields.

 ATH Galatin TR-1

35,490 yen (including tax)

 Sold out

This reel was designed in the early days by the world famous Ali Hart. Innovative design is sure to be attracting attention in the fishing spot! ! The brakes are also light and smooth and reliably protect thin tippets. This color is the 25th anniversary color of the angle of the ATH reel agency (50 units limited to the whole country!)It is.

WINSTON Perfect Reel 33/8

63,300 yen (including tax)

 Sold out


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