Action Rod [AR core] Series

Vagabond AR Core Series grip image

The action rod that vagabond has been making for a lot of years.

It is a high-end rod that continues to be loved since it appeared as a flagship model to build its own grip system and pursue ultra-high sensitivity.

The vagabond the fusion of the resin grip, the metal, and the carbon and makes a big change. It is an announcement of the action rod [AR core] series.

Following the USA patent (PAT No: US6, 510, 645 B2), 2010 Japan patented [A.G.S] Patent No. 4653873 (PATENT no 4653873) [AR core (Akon Core) series] Rebuild the grip internal structure from a completely different perspective from the assembling method adopted by other companies.

We rebuilt the original structure, [A.G.S] (Action grip System) established with the action rod, and ported it to [AR Core] series]. By porting the core of the original structure, the sensing ability and operation performance were maximized, and the simple structure made it possible to achieve high-level cost performance.

Unique taper design with 100% feedback on field testers ‘ know-how over 200 days of fishing lines per year. Stress-free structure that pursues the sense of use in the field.

Beautiful grip form taking advantage of the curve of vagabond unique. The sense of the different dimension generated from the basic research which extends for more than ten years is [AR core] series.

Release started from salt water model. The fusion of evolution and deepening. There is an idea which does not shaken even if the method of the expression changes.