The message that VAGABOND want relay is the harmony of highly functional and beauty which is demonstrated in this Fish Series rods. The beautifully designed fish tail cork grip together with the high-tech produced modern functional beauty. Let’s say, after you’ve caught 3 truly beautiful fish, would it be possible to not feel guilty but as fisherman you continue to pursue and lure fish. When will it end? How far would it continue? Are we playing? or are we being played? There’s a dilemma of guilt and desire to catch. With that never ending feeling you continue to pursue the endless dream.


A/F 210 XX 662 Z “Zara Special BaitWe dedicate this to Heddon’sR masterpiece, Zara Spook fans. You can feel the performance of this rod when you cast distance from bank and river fishing. The current top water plug’s origin is, needless to say, the Zara Spook’s long skating action and the casting distance ability. To enhance the casting distance of the larger topwater plugs, the 6’6″ blank with medium resilient carbon graphite VHMG 800 was used especially for this rod. And the blank is supported by the ACTION ROD® grip which minimizes the loss of power during casting.Go ahead, cast it! You’ll feel the smooth taper from the tip to the belly and the stable butt portion. And the action grip will make it possible to cast distance even the 3/4 oz. Zara and to be able to work the head shaking action that’s unique to the legendary Zara with relative ease.

A/F 210 X 662 Z “Zara Special SpinIf you want to improve your casting distance, the “ZARA SPECIAL SPIN” is the rod for you! Like the “ZARA SPECIAL BAIT”, it prides itself on casting ability and with its spinning features you’ll be able to fire away ultra lightweight small plugs. For bank long casting or wading, and even from unstable places like breakwater and high rocky areas you’ll feel the casting performance. Of course, the main is the Zara Spook, so go ahead, cast it long until you can’t even see it. It’s for extraordinary long distance casting of topwater game. You’ll be able to explore a new zone you’ve never experienced before. Let it skate wider, you’ll see bass leap and dance in far away distance.

 A/F 170 XX 601 “Light Cast FishWhat VAGABOND considers standard fishing is, in fact a light line game. With a harmonious combination of striking aluminum head and slender fish tail cork grip is the 6′ ultra lightweight action rod. It’s perfect for minnows, topwater game and smaller plugs and with this single rod you’ll be able to enjoy fun fishing all day long. It can easily cast small lures, fully experience bites and best of all, to release the fish for your next encounter. The king of light action rod, A/F 170 XX 601 is equipped with a stable blank material and highly calculated taper and high functional grip. Among the ACTION RODS®, this should be the first one to own.  

Line(lb) Price  
A/F 170 XX 601
6-12 $525.00 Fish tail grip is easy to gripTop water minnow plugs, shad plugs & light line bait casting game – 1 rod that can handle all
A/F 210 XX 662 Z
8-16 $540.00 Exclusively for long casting top water plugs. For Anglers who want to cast distance w/ top water plugs
A/F 210 X 662 Z
8-14 $535.00 Dedicated to the topwater angler from bank.(especially for Zara fans). Great for long distance casting of small size to medium size topwater plugs. Long rod with high function – special top water rod.

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