It stirs man’s instinct to hunt. Among the ever-changing bass tackles, don’t forget the Gun Rod! This rod is the proud product of old and new high technology refined by the VAGABOND factory craftsmanship. The concept is the gun type grip rod of the 21st century and it’s destined to leave its mark. You should feel the performance of the Shot Gun’s ultra light action. Its superior casting far exceeds the ordinary gun type grip rods’ expectation. And enjoy how the COLT GUN grips your hand with ease. High quality product beyond its time is what VAGABOND always strived for and what remain is the appreciation for these products. Forget time and go back to the days of past youth…The 3 types of GUN ROD series are what VAGABOND have proudly selected. With this series, we feel that you’ll be able to return to the origin of bass fishing and enjoy it to the max. 




A/WGT XX 601 “SHOT GUN 601”VHMG2000 pure carbon graphite used in the SHOT GUN 601 employs the ultra lightweight aviation cloth/material! It casts with accuracy and ultra sensitive! The progressive taper is where the rod tapers depending on the load factor. The original fast action can handle top water plugs to minnows and has ultra resilient tip and stable butt. VHMG2000, 6 ft. blank with stable grip end is awesome. And even the bigger topwater plugs can be easily cast. And of course, its sensitivity even in deep water casting is great, too.

A/WGT XX 560 “SHOT GUN 560”Use it all day long without feeling fatigue. The blank is made of VHMG 1000. Because of the slow taper, it moves the lures much naturally. But it not just a slow taper. The soft tip adds more mobility to the lure.

A/WG II XX 461 “COLT GUN 461”Colt 461 is exclusively made for float tubes and small boats. The slender wood is easy to grip! Use this VHMG 100 regular taper action for tight spots. A/WG ultra light wood gun type grip is very compatible with 4’6″ blank.



Line(lb) Price  
A/WG II XX 461
4-12 $530.00 Great looking & easy handlingFrom minnow type plugs to small top water plugs
A/WGT XX 560
4-10 $540.00 Can maneuver tricky action in small top water plugs. Easy to handle the fish.New wood trigger gun type grip.
A/WGT XX 601
7-14 $545.00 Good crisp & balanced casting ability. Fast taper enables you to do tricky action. In addition to topwater plugs, use it for shad and minnow jerking.



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