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Pocket series Seduction to the Unknown Zone

Accurate casting and soft presentation. Go ahead, drop the lure right into the tight spot – the casting control is as if you’re throwing the lure with your own hands. Even in the slightest space, deep between the bushes, you can present a small lure – softly. And just as you thought, the casting is perfect! Even on the first cast you can bet that you’ll get a strike. If you can’t accurately place your cast deep into the bush or in the weed, it’s no use. That’s why you need accurate casting and soft presentation. It’s perfect for small pond, lake or even river. For fishing in small boat, float tube and for target right under your nose – the age for “under 5 feet” has finally arrived! 

A/P 115 XX 461 “POCKET CAST 461Go for the tight spot, this is the rod for rocks, between bushes, and reed spots. With light action, you can use any small plugs including the small topwater shad, minnow, and spinners. Of all the ACTION RODS®, this is the shortest but it has the most efficient control exclusively made for small plugs. Medium resiliency (VHMG 1000) carbon graphite has a regular taper that will smoothly taper from tip to butt, but the tip is little fast action. The power moves smoothly, making it possible for you to successfully set the hook to land your game. During casting you’ll feel the clean, crisp, balanced feeling making it possible for long casting accuracy. This short blank has the same ultimate material, carbon graphite and the A/P 115 XX grip which was developed exclusively for this blank. The best matching combination is the latest masterpiece that will enable you to do soft presentation with the small plug. The Pocket Cast 461 is the greatest weapon for fishing tight spots.

A/P 145 XX 502 “POCKET FAST 502The longer version of 461 is not just long. The same cloth material used in aviation has been used in VHMG 2000. It has accurate casting, ultra sensitive and fast action. Even though it’s medium light, the butt is very stable. And the smooth taper from the belly to the tip will enable you to haul in the gigantic fish from out of water. The exclusively designed grip A/P 145 XX is useful for soft presentation and easy handing from small boats and float tubes.




Line(lb) Price  
A/P 115 XX 461
4-12 $505.00 Perfect for casting in tight spots using small plugs from float tube & small boat. Produce small intricate action unique to short rods. Use this rod at small ponds or river for pinpoint casting
A/P 145 XX 502
6-14 $510.00 Spinnerbaits up to 1/4 oz. and extra small round rubber jigs for pinpoint casting. Shaking & twitching under tough condition.
A/P 115 X 461
2-8 $505.00 Pinpoint model for spinning. Spinning version of Pocket Fast. Great for small boat & float tube in small lakes & pond. Casting in structure for micro topwater plugs, minnows or even plastic baits w/o sinker
A/P 145 X 502
3-10 $510.00 Spinning rod made for vertical shaking . Can withstand much shaking.



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