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Million Fish grip is a harmony of beautiful aluminum die cast design and precision. The screws used inside the head shifts 1 mm per one rotation to stabilize the position of the grip. The 8 point built-in application brass holder (photo 1) enables the rod and grip to function with precision. The brass holder maximizes the sensitivity and the O ring attached to the head and the body prevents the intrusion of sand and dust. And finally, by polishing and greasing the inside, the Million Fish grip is now completed – only by hand and one grip at a time. We are certain that the longer you use it, you will become very attached to it.           CASTING GRIP Simple design of narrow, sleek, straight type grip. This tireless design will satisfy you for alifetime. SILVER MODEL C/C-I $180.00 W/W-SL-I $210.00 A/C-I $180.00 W/W-SL-II $210.00 A/C-II $198.00 A/W-SL-I $230.00 MILLION FISH CASTING GRIP  GRIP LENGTH Standard (no size description) Approx. 115 mm / 4 9/16 ins. Semi-long (SL) Approx. 135 mm / 5 3/8 ins. A/W-SL-II $230.00 GUN METAL MODEL A/C-I-B $210.00 A/C-II-B $228.00 A/W-SL-II-B $260.00    


            GUN GRIP Gun type grip which is reminiscent of good old American craftsmanship has top-notched functionality The aluminum head design looks like a classical revolver and the wood grip carved by a single knife is both easy to grip and beautiful. The oil finish adds beauty and elegance to the gun grip. SILVER MODEL A/WG-I-I $250.00 A/WG-I-II $250.00 A/WG-I-III $250.00 A/WG-II-I $280.00 A/WG-II-II $280.00 A/WG-II-III $280.00   GUN METAL MODEL A/WG-I-I-B $280.00 A/WG-I-II-B $280.00 A/WG-I-III-B $280.00 A/WG-II-I-B $310.00 A/WG-II-II-B $310.00 A/WG-II-III-B $310.00

24K SERIES Most elegantly 24K series finished with approximately 30 micron of genuine 24K gold plated. The elegance of 24K gold plate continues to fascinate people. Try this series and you’ll appreciate its real value. CASTING GRIP Special edition 24K gold plated grip HANDLE & DRAG Special edition 24K gold plated parts The popular casting type grip with beautiful 24K gold plated special edition

OthersW/W-SL-II ・・・ $410.00A/W-SL-II ・・・$430.00

 A/C-I ・・・$380.00

 A/C-II ・・・$398.00

A/W-SL-I ・・・$430.00

Special edition parts made of 24K gold plated and thoroughly polished from the foundation.

All Drags  $60.00 All Brake CapsBC-24K/BC2-24K ・・・$35.00Handle Nut

HN-24K ・・・$30.00

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