VAGABOND took notice that a fish is a predator which hunt using its sight and keen reception to sound. From recent studies, it’s been known that a bass respond very sensitively to the change in water current and the sound frequency generated underwater. And it is believed that a big bass respond very well especially to the low sound frequencies.

LureWeight 3/8oz
LureSize 3-3/4

Unlike the minnow type lures up until now, WOUNDED BAIT has an action of a real-life wounded fish. Diving ability is approximately 1 1/2 feet. The chin area serves as the lip and enables the diving movement. However, unlike the traditional minnow type lures, the WOUNDED BAIT possesses complicated action movements. The intricately carved mouth area enables the unique underwater movement and produces an effect of a dying bait fish being carried by water current. By this very movement and unlike the action of traditional minnow types and pencil baits, WOUNDED BAIT will lure even the not-so-active bass by aggravating it. The WOUNDED BAIT, with its lure action, will work wonders to excite even the most difficult bass. The greatest characteristic of the WOUNDED BAIT is the deeply carved mouth portion of the slim body. The shape, while possessing the performance of a minnow type, slides just like a pencil bait. Its construction also prevents it from making a big movement and from diving. It’ll be very evident when you slide the WOUNDED BAIT by using the rod tip or the handle, the protruding chin with its big open mouth will function as the conventional lip and it will try to dive by directing its head downward, but the deep carving of the mouth on both sides allows the water to flow to the back of the body. The water flows along the side of the body and toward the tail. Furthermore, even with the nose, like a salmon, has a tendency to dive downward but the protruding chin prevents it from diving too deep. However, due to the break in the nose tip, portion of the water will flow through the crevice between the eyes and enables the water to entangle the top and back portion of the lure. The 3 dimensional mouth of the WOUNDED BAIT is designed to direct the water to flow in 4 directions; forward, left-side, right-side and back and with its unique entangling characteristic, it enables the lure to generate a low frequency sound in water.

The unique action which enables the wounded fish effect comes from the intricately carved mouth construction. The protruding chin act as the lip, and the diving ability is approximately 1 1/2 feet. The 5 stage characteristics of the WOUNDED BAIT are:

① First, with the tip of the protruding chin, it’ll clutch the water current

② Softens the water current from ①

③ 6mm diameter hole on the lip will take hold and balance itself to the water current and by reeling, it’ll produce a stabilized wobbling action

④ Water impact to the inside of the mouth prevents and controls the diving by acting as a brake

⑤ Upper horizontal groove glides the water and allows to flow freely around the body

■Table Turn Action

The most effective action using the Wounded Bait on bass is the Table Turn Action. The way to work the Table Turn Action is by keeping the rod tip down and snap the line without tightening the line tension, it will make a big turn in same the spot turning it’s head left and right. By repeating this action the Wounded Bait will move left and right. This is not the easiest action using the Wounded Bait, however, once mastered you’ll be able to catch more bass using it as a top water plug.

■Swimming Action

By reeling in the Wounded Bait, it produces a swimming action of a minnow type plug. Because you can adjust the depth by the rod angle, you’ll be able to approach the bass in different conditions. For instance, when the bass is attentive to the surface, hold the rod up and play the water right under the surface or use it like a skipping buzz baits. By doing the jump and swim action, you can also produce an action of an unstable bait being chased. Also even under a tough condition on the surface, you’ll be able to attract the inactive bass by tipping the rod and letting the lure dive.

■Dog Walk Action

The Dog Walk Action produced by the Wounded Bait is like the pencil popper with popping sound and moves it’s head quickly. You can create this particular action by moving the tip faster in shorter intervals than when using a conventional pencil bait and by keeping the line tension. Also by holding the rod tip up and moving it in a short sharp jerk it will Dog Walk without the popping sound. It can adjust to the bass’ conditions by using it with and without the popping sound. This is one of the biggest advantage of this action.

■Sliding Action

While testing our Wounded Bait lures, we were able to catch the biggest bass with this Sliding Action combined with the Table Turn Action. How to use this action is while reeling in, lightly snap the tip. This action which combines 3 movements of sliding, sound and diving and will surely attract the meanest bass.

All the action methods described above are the most important and basic actions of a Wounded Bait. Other then the above, there are various actions and combinations that are possible. Please try different action variations depending on the bass’ conditions.

■Table Turn & Sliding
■Swimming & Jerking/Twitching
■Dog Walking & Diving, etc.

Color Chart


WOUNDED BAIT AYU 今回がVAGABOND LURESとして初めてのアユカラーになります。日本のベイトフィッシュの中でも、最もポピュラーで使用頻度の高いカラーをVAGABOND LURESがアレンジし、よりリアルな仕上げにしました。H.D.Rを採用し、コーティング材の余分な光沢を消し、アルミホイルのフラッシングのみを残したカラーです。それはまさにアユの皮膚のような光沢を放っています


WOUNDED BAIT CBF 今回のラインナップで唯一のチャート系カラーです。あくまで実戦用として開発し、生産しているVAGABOND LURESとして外すことの出来ないカラーパターンで、VAGABOND LURES独特のアルミホイルの光沢を生かしたチャートリュースに仕上げました。マッディーウォーターや活性が著しく低い状況での使用が一般的ですが、逆に透明度の高いクリアレイクのバックウォーター等での使用は、ビックワンをキャッチする可能性を大いに秘めているカラーです

 F.S.P(Fish Skin Paint)

H.D.R(Heaf Dead Reflection)
ayu cbf cwt ok has iw pt