]]>]]>Feature Unlike the minnow type lures up until now, WOUNDEDBAIT has an action of a real-life wounded fish. Diving ability is approximately 1 1/2 feet. The chin area serves as the lip and enables the divingmovement. However, unlike thetraditional minnow type lures, the WOUNDED BAIT possesses complicated actionmovements. The intricately carved moutharea enables the unique underwater movement and produces an effect of a dyingbait fish being carried by water current. By this very movement and unlike theaction of traditional minnow types and pencil baits, WOUNDED BAIT will lureeven the not-so-active bass by aggravating it. The WOUNDED BAIT, with its lure action, will work wonders to excite eventhe most difficult bass. The greatest characteristic of the WOUNDED BAIT isthe deeply carved mouth portion of the slim body. The shape, while possessing the performance of a minnow type,slides just like a pencil bait. Itsconstruction also prevents it from making a big movement and from diving. It’ll be very evident when you slide theWOUNDED BAIT by using the rod tip or the handle, the protruding chin with itsbig open mouth will function as the conventional lip and it will try to dive bydirecting its head downward, but the deep carving of the mouth on both sidesallows the water to flow to the back of the body. The water flows along the side of the body and toward thetail. Furthermore, even with the nose,like a salmon, has a tendency to dive downward but the protruding chin preventsit from diving too deep. However, due to the break in the nose tip, portion ofthe water will flow through the crevice between the eyes and enables the waterto entangle the top and back portion of the lure. The 3 dimensional mouth of the WOUNDED BAIT is designed to directthe water to flow in 4 directions; forward, left-side, right-side and back andwith its unique entangling characteristic, it enables the lure to generate alow frequency sound in water. FrontPhoto Back Page Next Page