2006-10-22 Ujigawa Garbage Pickup

This time, 31 people participated in the Ujigawa 53 pick-up as the highest number of participants! I am really full of gratitude. This is the eighth event for a beautiful fishing place, and it is done by the angler who volunteered to clean the "Ujigawa" which is our most familiar fishing place first of all.October 22, 2006 (Sun)-weather/clear skies ● ●-day schedule ● ● 09:00 ~ 9:30 Reception

09:30 ~ 11:00 Fishing Tournament

11:30 ~ 12:30 Garbage Pickup

12:30 ~ 12:3 0 Snacks & Fishing Tournament Awards Auction & Roshambo Ujigawa "Trash pickup" & "Little Fishing Tournament" opening of the fishing tournament Hey, what is the annual fishing tournament!Seven people are way in.This is also the best in the past?!It seems to be more fun than the usual fishing tournament!The fishing is not catch after all. ☆ "Fishing Tournament for a little bit" in the eighth time Tsujimoto's first place in the imposing "fishing tournament" I was able to take pictures of the fish seems!2nd Place Kobayashi, 3rd place Mr. Yoshida, the people who were not fishing also picking up garbage in everyone is miserable.Now portable ashtrays are commonplace!Prize presentation rock and paper Games & Auctions

Picking up trash in the hot weather was really cheers.

Ujigawa 53 pick up for the eighth time.I was blessed with a warm and calm day, and I was able to do it safely without being troubled by rain like the last time.

This time we have to participate in 31 people, as the Ujigawa of 53 pick up the best participants!I am really full of gratitude.Seven people are way in the annual fishing tournament.It was a little upsurge because it would always be a catch tournament.The first place in the imposing is Tsujimoto-san.Way in, 30cm bus.Second place is Mr. Kobayashi (24cm) Ujigawa, who is a regular of 53 picks.Third place was the result of Yoshida-san (20.5 cm).Because the time is from 9:30, because the bus is difficult to react, it is not the place that Tsujimoto's 30cm also deserves praise?and picking up trash at everyone.Especially in Uji Park, there are many cigarette butts, and the riverside has a large garbage like a barbecue stove left behind… Not only fishing, but outdoor leisure is fun… Why does it become it so?This time, I was surprised that even though the participants did not go too far, the garbage came out more than usual.I think the garbage is increasing very much.After that, "Ujigawa 53 pickup" ended safely in a friendly atmosphere such as the recognition of the fishing competition and "The Rock-paper competition".Thank you very much to all the participants of the company who sponsored this event.We would like to ask for your cooperation next time we hope to keep our hands on a beautiful fishing spot with a growing number of participants.