20050410 Ujigawa Garbage Pickup

Among the cherry blossom viewing day in full bloom, a total of 21 people participate!

This is the fifth time for this event to be a beautiful fishing spot, and it is done by a fisherman who volunteers to try to clean up our most familiar fishing spot, "Ujigawa". April 10, 2005 (Sun)-weather/Sunny after the Ujigawa the whole island of the tower is a people, people and people who gathered to enjoy the cherry blossom in full bloom from the morning. There were a lot of tourists and cherry blossom people everywhere at noon. As the petals of the cherry blossoms are scattered, a total of 21 people participated in the holiday while envied the person who was doing the feast.

●-● Day schedule ● ● ●  

9:00 to 9:30 Reception

9:30 ~ 11:00 The Fishing Tournament

11:30 ~ 12:30 Garbage Pickup

12:30 ~ 12:3 0 Snacks & Fishing Tournament Awards & Auctions & Roshambo Tournament

Ujigawa Trash Pickup & Little Fishing Tournament 

After the opening of the president's greeting, the rules of the fishing tournament are explained from Vagabond Sanjo, and the fishing tournament begins.
Please take a look!This stunning cherry blossom.I was fascinated by the petals of the cherry blossoms fluttering.
There seemed to be less anglers than usual in the vicinity of the island of the fishing tournament tower, but the situation is quite severe, such as a tourist houseboat. Even so, the participants did not discouraged to the point of their own desire at the same time.
Serious mode.How was the catch? This is a peaceful mode? Give up mode?

The "bus field" of the previous participation is Kawamura.I was invited to participate in this 53 pick up.Thank you for your kind. The weather was nice too, so I'll be very comfortable with you, Mr. Commutation. We are looking forward to seeing you again.
Mr. OTA who participates from Osaka every time grins ☆ is also commutation record update! I was forced to laugh at the point where the two people found in the move to join the camera! I joined in a couple! The cherry blossoms are in full bloom, but it was a hard day for hay fever. Staff Chatan & Shijima is very serious. Mr. Uno who gave up the fishing early (second from the right) is also a great climax in hay fever talk about hay fever!? Come on! The main garbage pickup this time anyway, the island of the tower is garbage full of cherry blossom customers.The garbage which doubts the morality is thrown away without hesitation. And I'm going to take this.It is said that impudent thing. Let's take away the garbage neatly when you go out to the outing other than fishing, too! Garbage pickup is based on the island of the tower, set up a garbage collection place in the upstream and downstream Ujigawa, Izach with a garbage bag that starts divided into split! Upstream set ★ Results of the fishing tournament and the Roshambo tournament after lunch is finally the result of the fishing tournament. The fishing competition of the garbage pickup always is a severe situation, but, unfortunately, all the participants became Bowes on this day. By saying, the prize in a hurry Roshambo scramble.Catch aside, for the time being lucky people this day… Ja-y! The winner is this three-way.Congratulations.You pleasure to get the prizes you want. Auction Time Annual FUN! This is a peaceful progression from beginning to end.It was a fun auction with quite an upsurge.

Everyone who participated was really cheers.

This is the fifth time, "Ujigawa garbage pickup" also participated in the cooperation of all the sponsors and all the members of the company can safely finish, thank you from the heart of the staff.

The area around the island of Ujigawa, which is also a tourist attraction, has a lot of garbage in proportion to the cherry blossoms in full bloom this time, mainly cleaning the upstream and downstream parts of the Tower Island. It was a little hot for the cheerful spring, and the area of the garbage pickup was too broad, so the participants were really working hard. It was more than a cherry blossom day, but I am thankful from the heart because I participated in the holiday which was more than the fishing day. The next "Ujigawa garbage pickup" is scheduled for autumn. As a person, I participate in these volunteer activities several times a year as a fisherman and it is pleasant to sweat. Right now, I think it is important to continue to enjoy fishing and to start from the things that can be done close to the various problems of anglers. I would like to have fun with friends, couples, family, and of course, even by yourself. We are looking forward to a lot of participation next time.

Thanks so much for your help. ▲ VAGABOND TOP