2006-5-21 Ujigawa Garbage Pickup


This is the seventh time of the event, aiming to be a beautiful fishing spot, and it is done by a volunteer who participates in the purpose of cleaning "Ujigawa" which is our most familiar fishing ground first. Sunday, May 21, 2006-Weather/Sunny this time, the Ujigawa that became the cause of the postponement is "rising". The discharge of the dam and the rain continued a few days ago, Ujigawa of a slightly swollen feeling. However, we could not help but keep our eyes on the flow of the beautiful Ujigawa, when the weather has perfectly fine to the point where it has been successful. ● ● ● schedule ● ● ● 09:00 ~ 9:30 Reception

09:30 ~ 11:00 Fishing Tournament

11:30 ~ 12:30 Garbage Pickup

12:30 ~ 12:3 0 Snacks & Fishing Tournament Awards Auction & Roshambo Ujigawa "Trash pickup" & "Little Fishing Tournament" opening of the fishing tournament! Always "tough" has become a cliché [little fishing tournament. I still want to do some fishing… But I can't catch it… The keyword of this time is [swollen].The toughest conditions in the tournament history Maybe. The sky is not complaining!You seem to be fishing peacefully because of the climate. And the result says, annulled fared…… I'm millet! I discourage! It is hot and hot to pass the main garbage pickup start perfectly fine.Still, everyone tried hard to pick me up without losing! So long after the excursion this time?It is not limited to the angler, and sickly to bad manners. The annual recreation of the rock and paper games.I am interested in a product this time. To dispel the resentment of the fishing tournament, Roshambo is also fired up! Mr. Kato won splendidly in the Roshambo tournament.Congratulations! Mr. Kato is a regular trash pick-up.Daily conduct!? I can't say that, but there is a "fortune". Even those who got used to the auction, an annual auction to enjoy even those who do not.It's really a great deal! Mr. Kobayashi was the winner of the last fishing tournament.It was a pity this time, the bid is ~ Refreshing SMILE ☆ ★ Participant ★ Snapshot!

Picking up trash in the hot weather was really cheers.

This is the seventh time Ujigawa 53 pick up. This year, there was a lot of rain on weekends and rain and rising, and April 23 was postponed, but it was able to be held on May 21.

Although the number of participants decreased a little this time, 16 people including the manager of the bus field, "People of the Heart" was gathered. The Ujigawa is swollen with the rain just before. It is inevitable that "little fishing tournaments" are always tough.The place where the garbage is can is decreased, it is swept away, and the garbage thing is decreased, too.And it's hot.I had to work hard in such a way. In the "Little Fishing Tournament", everyone who struggles is no fish. I had such a hunch, but…"Garbage pickup" also sweaty everyone under the cheerful, and was good luck. There were many cigarette butts in Uji Park, and most of the trash and empty cans were left on by the Riverside.This time, the garbage of the fishermen and tourists were conspicuous although there were few trash.However, if it is not swollen, a lot more fishermen's garbage will be expected on the Kawahara.Because I do not solve anything even if I flow downstream, I want to treat garbage before it is so.After that, you can enjoy the main "rock and paper games"!I mean, because all the fishing competitions were Bowes….Mr. Kato won the victory! The native Handmade Mino "Lake Madonna" has been won! After that, it was upsurge at the auction, and it ended safely thanks to the cooperation of a lot of manufacturers and the participants. There were those who were not able to participate by the postponement this time, but I would like to work hard so that everyone can participate in the autumn event. Many people will participate in the next fiscal year, together, "Enjoy fishing and protect the fishing spot" to make this activity fruitful, so that we will continue to help, thank you very much.

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