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 A new challenge

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We saw a dream few years ago where the Spirit of Craftsmanship paid us a little visit. The Spirit in our dreams warned us to stay away from the present day mass production and preached us to create genuine “one of a kind” fishing tackle. And the Spirit left by saying, “You’re the ones that can make it happen”. And so the craftsmen at VAGABOND began their mission. The road to an ideal way of craftsmanship was not an easy task. However, there was nothing greater than a feeling among the craftsmen who desired to create the “one of a kind” fishing tackle. We pushed ourselves to the limit and even when we were unable to sleep, we were filled with excitement — we simply wanted to create the best tackle! Just as our efforts and result had hit a wall, we miraculously came across a material called duralumin. We later heard the Spirit’s word of praise – “Congratulations. You’ve created a legendary tackle. The true beauty of it is that it has far exceeded all possible conditions”.


  The concept was to combine the ultra lightweight and highly sensitive rod with a high-speed response customized grip.And the result was awesome!

Feel the action with your fingertips!It was the crystallization of craftsmen’s passionate dream come true. It’s the ACTION ROD®! Fishing will never be the same.

The two-piece grip (with the blank through the grip) is structured to maximize the vibration by utilizing the duralumin joint at the head as a leverage point. Unless the grip is made of duralumin, which transmits vibration quickly, it would be very difficult to detect the vibration transmitted by the leverage joint head. That is why we created the ACTION ROD® – using only ultra duralumin A6061 T-6 custom sized parts, carbon blank and cork. As a result, all high-speed micro vibrations can be sensed by your fingertips. In addition, the blank through the reel seat is in a floating state (photo 1) which maximizes and telegraphs the vibration between the leverage joint head to the cork grip like a wave. The length between the leverage joint head and cork is set at 4 inches (photo 2). All the parts for the grip are custom sized and carved to have only one perfect match (photo 3).

Photo 1: Normally, the blank through the grip is bonded with cork or resin at the reel seat and it weakens the vibration. This will decrease the responsiveness to strikes. When we thought what would be a good sensitive rod, we came to the conclusion that the vibration peak point exists in the part of a grip only at the fingertips. The ACTION ROD® realized that the reel seat, including the reel, had the largest mass absorbing the vibration. And without the blank touching the reel seat, they were successful in telegraphing the vibration free from interruption to feed back to the fingertips.

Photo 2: Vibration is a wave. The type of vibration or wave is determined by the material (ie. graphite or boron) and the length of the rod. The shape of our reel seat was determined based on this rule. 6 holes on top and bottom of the reel seat were intentionally drilled not aligned and shifted. 

Photo 3: When joining various size of blanks with grips, the use of cork and resin makes the task easier, however, it loses sensitivity. In ACTION ROD®, all the parts used for joints are made from A6061T-6 duralumin to custom fit. We do not compromise to the “one fits all size” policy but stubbornly only accept perfect fit.

Patent Pending

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