Between imagination and reality, there exists an imaginary life form. Imagination, persistence and creation - that's VAGABOND LURES. It's the greatest feeling but at the same time very tough.

Reality - we've strived for it and searched for its true meaning. People say that our plugs look just like fish but we always ask ourselves if they really resemble real fish? What people perceive as realistic is strictly a shape and completely different from resemblance. We examined every detail in a fish, tried to understand the shape and it's structure then we designed it. We modified the shape of a motif and duplicated its image as close to reality as humanly possible. The product is no longer a facsimile of a fish but it transformed itself to an imaginary life form. There exists a newly created object born from a space between imagination and reality.

Adherence to All Hand Made Wooden Lure

Every creature has individual differences. They are both visible and also invisible to the human eye. Take a bass plug for instance, characteristic difference in a plastic plug are a result of an error in mass production. However, a visible characteristic difference in a hand-made plug adds more unique individualism.

In a process where the plastic is injected into a mold, it is under the absolute condition that it produces perfect duplicates by the same shape and color. However, in hand-made lures, while preserving the image of a fish, subtle differences are born as a result of one craftsman's hands on process from design to completion. Just as there are characteristic differences among same species of fish, in a hand-made lure, the subtle difference becomes the characteristic and becomes unique to that lure.


3 3/4" 3/8 oz. $58.00 WOOD INJECTED Available in 12 colors (6 not shown) The Last EscapeThe traditional fish eater in Japan "Hasu", also called "Keta Bass", even strikes lures occasionally and demonstrate its fiercefulness. The Wounded Baits were created using the "Hasu" as its motif. With the big mouth as its special feature, this lure is regarded as a darter type lures among the topwater plugs. Although there have been many darter types lures introduced in the past, there aren't too many realistically effective darter lures. Among the sea of sameness, we strived to create the highest functional one. The Wounded Bait is equipped with numerous functional features that is hard to imagine by its appearance. By twitching the tip, it will slide left and right and when twitched harder, the lure will dive and produce a popping sound. In normal line retrieval, it will imitate a minnow-like wiggling action. Although there are many combination of actions, the best is the "dive and slide" combination. During testing, this "dive and slide" combination produced the best results in luring the 50 and up bass to the surface. The sliding action of this lure is distinctive where it dives deeper into the water while sliding. As it dives, instead of pushing the water, the water will entangle the entire body of the lure and will produce a sliding action as if it was dying. The Wounded Bait will lure the bass by diving and the popping sound will entice the bass with its sliding action. It's the lunker hunting action that's produced only by a darter type lures. It's as if a dying livebait is desperately trying to escape from being eaten by fish eater.
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4”7/16oz $58.00 Descendent of Monster Tarpon is a fish that has not evolved since the ancient times. With its original features, they are descendent of ancient monsters. We interpreted this popper as having features of tough skin, unique mouth and powerful body. Using its weight balance and body shape, it dives while sliding and producing popping sound. In pinpoint action, it will create a unique sound as it releases the air that was pocketed in the mouth after diving. This "diving dog walk" action demonstrates the effectiveness in overhang or surrounding structures around a pond. Also for around rocks and horizontal structures in reservoirs, the sliding action works the best. You can even attract the mid-summer suspending bass by using the sliding action along the structures. We see fewer sliding poppers these days, and are not as popular as it once was. Now Anglers tend to use the splash-type lures to catch more number of fish. However, in hunting big bass it's rather difficult to use the impractical splash-type poppers. On the other hand, there are many uses for sliding poppers and the possibilities are endless. The monster is ready to show you its power.

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6” 1-3/8oz $58.00

Gigantic Shadow of Fish Musky is a gigantic game fish that lives in a wide area ranging from the northern hemisphere's warm temperature to the sub-arctic region and is known to grow as long as 5 feet. We've recreated the forcefulness and power of a Musky which aggressively attack even the big plugs by adding a noise feature. As a result of placing the noise feature into a stick type lure, and by keeping the Musky's narrow and long body shape, we were successful in recreating natural rolling minnow action. Since the noise, compared to the action, is rather loud, it's perfect for wide river points with more natural noise levels. The main target of this lure is to catch the big bass that come to prey on backwaters. This size is very appealing for bass that have become so used to small lures which is no bigger than the 3/8 oz. plugs. And with the alluring sound, it'll agitate the bass enough to for them to bite. The trick to the action is normal yet consistent retrieving speed without stopping. It'll maneuver pencil-like action by moving the head when aiming for points around the structures. Especially during sunset, you'll find gigantic shadow of Bass underneath this powerful giant lure.

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RAINBOW TAIL WOBBLER■RAINBOW TAIL WOBBLER 4”3/8oz $58.00 New Challenge Rainbow Tail Wobbler was developed with the next-generation noise plug as a concept. This lure was made modifying a baitfish, rainbow trout, as the motif and has a noise blade on the tail. The pivotal point in conventional lures with a noise blade center is the front half of the body, however, the tail blade on this lure allows the water to flow through it making the tail move very rapidly and prevents the head from moving. Therefore, it mimics action very similar to natural fish movement as well as natural sound. The basic way to use it is by reeling in the lure on a constant medium speed. For accurate pinpoint action, unlike normal retrieving, the action will switch to head turning, pencil-like action.

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Wood  INJECTED Available in 12 colors (5 not shown) 4-3/8” 5/8oz $58.00

Dignity of a King Pirarucu is the world's largest freshwater fish and can grow as long as 13 feet in length. In order to replicate the dignity and the forcefulness as true to life as possible, it has been further modified from the early first model. Time and effort was spent on the carving process and coloring to duplicate the true features expressed in skating pencils. Width of the skating far exceeds that of our Raigyo Pencil and effective in wider range. It's also very effective for lunker hunting at ponds due to the water tangling action. This king of freshwater fish, Pirarucu has further evolved to become the king of skating by the hands of VAGABOND designers.

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3” 3/8oz $58.00

The Origin of Popper Donco is a nickname for "Yoshinobori" that's in the Gobby group of families. It's a scavenger and sometimes it will even eat small minnows. We've taken the big face and the bulging popped eyes and made a popper out of them. Like a diminishing chugger type and sliding popper, the action is similar to Heddon'sR Chugger Spook. And in pinpoint, the loud popping sound will lure bass in deep water. In sequential action, while "dog walking", the lure will attract the bass by producing a popping sound consistently. Despite its loud popping sound, it does not affect the bass in a negative way but enables the sound to travel far and wide in the water. Due to the far reaching sound ability, it will activate the suspending bass under overhang during the summer. On the other hand, it's a sure bet to use the "dog walk" action for points visible to the eyes and for structures in water such as breakline, weed edge and rocks in water. Try the unique power of the popper, the splash type popper.

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Learning from the past We have very special feelings for this Namazu lure. When we first came up with the wing system, we were all unable to sleep from the excitement. There are so many plugs out there on the market today that produce sound. However, what we strived for was reality and naturalness. We paid special attention to the shape of the wing and the rig. We asked ourselves, if we can make it more realistic with natural sound and even with pectoral fin. With that kind of dedication, during the research development, we were successful in completing the wing system. This is it! This is exactly what we were striving for - a hybrid of reality and tradition. It's been 50 years since Heddon® first introduced a lure which made action by left & right wings called the Crazy Crawler. The Namazu Crawler was re-engineered as a result of closely studying the performance of the Crazy Crawler, which is considered a classic. Learn from the past. We learned from the past and re-engineered a new lure. That's VAGABOND's philosophy toward development and creation of next-generation lures.

■NAMAZU CRAWLER 4-3/8" 5/8oz $58.00 WOODEN MODEL start of a legend The production of the wood Namazu Crawler was once suspended. We began to sense limitation on reality which resulted from the coloring of the lure. In terms of seeking further refinement, it was necessary to differentiate the handmade wood model from the injected model. The refinement was to increase hand carving and by applying aluminum finish, it enabled the lure to reflect light and that made the lure finally come to life. Unlike the previous Namazu Crawler, this model has glass eyes and applied the finishes to appear even more alluring. The new feature of light reflection gave more power to the Namazu Crawler



■NAMAZU DOUBLE PROP 4-3/8" 3/4oz $58.00

A double swisher created by attaching a large curved propeller on the body. By applying rather thick propeller to the body, it produces a muffled sound to spread in water and in wide range. The unique body shape makes it possible to do 180o pinpoint table turn. And in a slow retrieve, it produces a sweet buzzbait-like sound and makes it possible to do even slower approach.


NAMAZU CRAWLER BABY 2-3/4" 5/16oz $58.00

INJECT MODEL---12colors available(not shown)$19.99Downsized for higher pressure lakes. Namazu Crawler has evolved to such small size. Contrary to its small size and appearance, it's powerful enough for even bait casting reel. And the big wings, compared to the body, make it possible to use it even during slow retrieving. It has become even more accommodating to pinpoint approach than the previous models. It's very effective when you use the lure as you image an insect falling to the surface. Use it for overhangs, edge of brush and when you need pinpoint accuracy.


  ■NAMAZU CRAWLER Jr. 3-3/4" 1/2oz $58.00

Compared to the original, its 3/5" shorter body and its size were designed for bass fishing in natural ponds. During test fishing, it pulled monster size bass from edge of bush and bagged awesome number of bass. Don't let the smaller size of this lure fool you as its effectiveness in natural pond will lead you to something big.

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LOOK! 3 dimensional curved auto opening original wings WHY SMALL WING?

Precision instrument quality, 3 dimensionally curved automatic wings are highly functional! In contrast to the big body, the small wings produce a sweet sound both in water and air pocket. And with the 3 dimensionally curved wings, by smoothly driving the water from front to back, it will produce a sweet sound unlike conventional noisy type lures and performs minnow-like action.


Long awaited introduction of the plastic version of the popular Namazu Crawler!!The natural translucency was not well expressed by the use of wood. However, this lure combines the best of both materials by maximizing the translucency that's unique to plastic injection and the naturalness from the warmth of the wood. The natural swing and sweet sounds generated by the 3 dimensionally curved automatic original wing system are completely perfected. We wanted as many Anglers to enjoy using this Namazu Crawler, so we jumped at the opportunity to lower the production cost by using plastic injection. Released both in U.S. and Japan simultaneously. Available in 7 colors.

■NAMAZU CRAWLER INJECTED MODEL 4-3/8" 5/8oz $19.99  MS (Metal Solid) PB (Peacock Bass) BWK(Biwako Ohnamazu) AS (Albino Spawn) GG (Glass Cat) SEN(Seiryu Namazu) G (Glass)




■RAIGYO PENCIL 4-3/8" 5/8oz  $58.00

Seeking for more reality In pursuit of higher level realityRaigyo Pencil is the fundamental origin of VAGABOND wood plugs.As the start of the new 21st century, the Raigyo have evolved to new heights.While remaining true to the Raigyo characteristics and using Kamloochi as its motif, the characteristics have been modified to mature frontal features. You can clearly see the black pupils shine even with ultra small 3.5 mm (1 3/8") glass eyes. The first and most frank impression of this lure is gentle looking yet overpowering.

■RAIGYO PENCIL Jr. 3-1/2" 3/8oz $58.00

We downsized the Raigyo Pencil to create this lure. While retaining the unique "dog walk" action, the only reduction was the size which is perfect for use when bass is not reacting to big plugs. The model for this lure is the baby Raigyo. The eyes, in contrast to the body is bigger giving it a comical look but feisty enough. Same as the original Pencils, Pencil Jr. is made of ultra light hard wood with heavier weight which makes it easy to cast long distance with accuracy.



■RAIGYO SWISHER  4-3/8" 5/8oz  $58.00

Slim body Raigyo with the same thick twisted propeller used in Namazu Double Prop. It's a multi-purpose pilot lure that has wide range of use.


RAIGYO SPIN 4-3/8" 5/8oz $58.00

Raigyo Spin fits in a brand new category of spinner tail which combines reality with traditional spinners. It was developed mainly for river bass fishing and the slim body will endure even the heaviest river currents. During test fishing, it demonstrated its effectiveness by landing more than 10 bass out of fast river current. To maximize the lure's performance, it's best to use it in a non-stop action or stop-and-go retrieval and especially at a river with a strong currents. And it will prove its effectiveness by catching the most active bass head on. Unless you experience the highly functional lure, you'll never encounter a monsterous bass.


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Total7 color types

We create lures as a group of engineers and craftsmen day in and day out. With the start of VAGABOND Lure Project, many months and years have been spent to engineer the creation of numerous lures that will have a place among anglers' hearts. And the drama begins. It gives us most pleasure and happiness and an irreplaceable asset more valuable than anything else. We hope more Anglers will use VAGABOND lures and with this thought in mind, we've decided to create more models using the plastic injection method. This decision does not mean that VAGABOND lures are merely becoming mass produced but because we were able to develop a high tech coating method which surpassed the ability to freely control 1/100 mm and we felt that there was a great advantage in this type of technology in a new type of craftsmanship. Just as we surpassed our own expectations in producing the injected lures by understanding high technology and high level of development, our quest for creating the highest quality lures continues.