I go fishing 3 days a week… 1 hour before work in the morninga short while after business in the evening. Tomorrow I’ll go 1 hour in the morning, too. With my private bond and I’ll try this one I got the other day. With the lures that surely satisfy me.I need the rod, reel and B-XX505.That’s enough. MULTI  ALUMINUM BOX B-XX505(multi-purpose waist & hand carry BOX) ●Multi-purpose aluminum box w/ leather handle ●L 7 4/5″ x W 5″ x H 2 1/6″ ●Large enough to carry 25 – 30 medium sized lures ●Attachable to belt and shoulder strap for easy carrying ●When attached to belts, it’s designed to open and stop perpendicular 100 degrees for easy access ●External right and left clip for other fishing accessories ●Cork sheet inside on one side and compartment on other ●With floater belt ●Fits inside Fly vest pockets B-XX 505B-XX 5053 compartments L7-4/5″×W5″×H2-1/6″  $58.00